So, the weekend is over and you’ve sat down to write your blog article for your business and WordPress is telling you to update to Version 3.7. What does this update mean to WordPress users  and should you update your web site to 3.7?

Firstly, WordPress 3.7 does not represent an overhaul of the content management system. The workings and usability remain exactly the same; you’ll not have to retrain or learn a whole new way of working. The average user won’t notice a thing.

The significant change associated with this update happens behind the scenes, in the form of automatic background security updating. We are all used to software on our desktops, laptops and devices updating automatically, it saves us time and keeps our tech and gadgets safe from security vulnerabilities.

Why is this important? Well, it is estimated that 1 in 5 web sites is currently built on the WordPress platform. This makes WordPress a significant target for malicious attacks from botnets and malware programs. If a weakness is identified in a version of WordPress, these bots crawl the net in search of sites built on that version.

The best form of defence against such attacks is to always run the most up to date version of WordPress. This update therefore makes your web site and the net a safer place to play and do business.

There is also the option to allow automatic theme and plugin updates.

Just a word of warning. Many WordPress sites have been developed with adaptations to the core, theme and/or plugins. Updating and auto updating thereafter may cause your site, or parts of your site, to function differently or not at all.

If no such adaptations have been made to your site, you should update immediately. If you are not sure if any adaptations have been made, contact your web designer and ask them to perform your updates for you.

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