Social Media Marketing Bolton

social media marketing bolton

Social media marketing is now more influential than ever before; as a result it is imperative that it’s done right.

Existing customers want to stay up to date with what’s happening in your business; potential customers need to hear about your products and services; whilst search engines read your social signals to help them rank your business’ web site.

Businesses that form a strategy, post targeted content regularly and interact with their followers will find themselves reaping the benefits of this addition to their marketing mix.

At Heppiness Web Design, we can help you devise a social media marketing strategy and set up accounts and pages. We can market your content, products and services for you and in many cases we are happy to write articles for your blog and/or news sections.

social media strategy

Before you start a social media marketing campaign, you must form a strategy.

What do you want to achieve? Which social networks are most suitable and why? What will you publish and how often? Is there high quality content to promote? Who will write the posts and are they right for the position?

We’ll help you answer these questions and more to create the basis for your social strategy.

account and page setup

As with most projects, the success of a social media campaign relies heavily on it’s set up.

We create accounts in line with your social strategy, ensuring that they provide all the information that your customers and search engines need to find and access them. We bring your pages to life with branding to specifically created for each social network and details of your business.

Now it’s time to add content and engage with new and existing customers.

account management

Writing social media posts, tweets and comments can be a daunting task, especially when your strategy involves a mix of social networks. What and when should I publish? How do I ensure that all my posts and tweets have maximum impact? How can I encourage people to engage with me?

We can answer all these questions and teach you how to best manage your social media campaigns. Alternatively, we can undertake your social media marketing for you.

content creation

At Heppiness, we get to know you and your business; we examine your customer base and your opportunities. Then we write content, articles and product reviews that will engage your followers; we create images and video that attract new followers; we’ll do whatever it takes to generate new business.

Our content creation service builds your brand image and search engine visibility, providing a active and lively persona to your business.

do you need some help?

Starting a social media campaign can be a bit daunting. It’s much easier when you have someone who knows what they are doing on your side. Send us a quick message below and we’ll get back to you.

Alternatively, call Matthew on 0771 227 6607 for a chat.

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