I found a superb infographic today (shown below) made by our friends at IDF Marketing, that I thought worth sharing.

I was impressed by it’s clear and considered explanation of the basics of search engine optimisation, the strategies available to web site owners and the message that SEO is an ongoing project that should never be overlooked.

Search Engine Friendly Web Design Bolton

Then it struck me, the reason I was so attracted to the information was because it’s how we build web sites at Heppiness Web Design.

  • We build sites that work across all devices to respond to the rise of smartphones and tablets.
  • We cross brand all social networks and auto-post blogs to them.
  • We offer social media management.
  • We are aware of Google’s white hat/black hat stance on certain SEO practices and stick to what Google likes.
  • We build all the on-site factors listed into your site as standard.
  • We write strong, keyword sensitive content and promote the site owner to do the same.
  • We keep things simple.

These are the basics of search engine optimisation, anything else is just a fad. These fads are very quickly outdated by Google and other search engines, so the basics are built into every Heppiness web site.

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