In everything that I write about Heppiness built web sites, you’ll find the words “responsive” and “device friendly”, but what does this mean? Let me explain…

Wikipedia’s opening paragraph on the subject of responsive web design (RWD) states:

Responsive web design is a web design approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices.

But what is a responsive web site, why are they important and what are the benefits?

what is responsive web design?

A responsive web site measures the screen resolution of the device used to view it and responds according to the rules set by the web site designer.

This means that whether the visitor is viewing your site using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone; the web site’s information is clearly visible, easily navigated and fully functional.

Responsive WireframesCrucially, the same web site is used and displayed across all devices, but is organised to provide a better viewing experience. Historically, this could be achieved through devising several sites to react to the internet browser.

why is it important?

There was a time in the not so distant past when web sites were viewed only on PCs, usually at a resolution of 800 pixels by 600 pixels. A web designer made sites to fit this resolution and life was simple.

Today, things aren’t quite so simple. The Office of National Statistics report on Internet Access by Households and Individuals 2013 tells us that 53% of UK adults used a mobile phone to access the internet in 2013. With this rise is smartphone and tablet ownership (and the masses of different sized monitors available) using a one size fits all approach is no longer appropriate. Sites that are static, or unresponsive,  appear too small to view on a smartphone and require zooming to operate. The result being a fall in visitors and a loss of custom.

Employing a responsive web design for your web site ensures that all visitors can view and use your site, view your products and services and contact you.

what are the benefits?

  • Reduced cost of mobile site development.
  • Time savings on updating multiple sites.
  • Consolidated analytics and reporting.
  • Improved browsing experience.
  • Increased reach to mobile and tablet users.
  • Reduced bounce rate.

At Heppiness Web Design, all of our web sites are now created using responsive design. To find out more and get a quote for your project, please call Matthew on 0771 227 6607


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