There are, according to Facebook, 15 million business pages on their social network. Every one of these pages was set up to promote a business, to generate new leads and provide new customers or clients.

Here’s our quick guide to optimising your Facebook page content for improved visibility and increased interactions.

Whilst Facebook can provide a fantastic platform to promote many types of business, the sad truth is that many of these 15 million pages are now in a state of neglect after being abandoned by their once hopeful creators. The most common reasons I’ve heard for this abandonment are “Facebook just didn’t work for me.” or “I didn’t know what to write.” Each time I’ve been able to find a handful of similar businesses who are making Facebook work for them.

start with the set up

First things first, get into your settings and complete your page info.

  • Edit your page name to your business name and add your location if applicable.
  • Edit your page address to something simple and memorable, preferably your company name.
  • Complete all the category and business information that applies to your business.
  • Keep the short description under 150 characters using your company name, business type and location town.
  • The long description should cover all of the short description in further depth with a call to action at the end, i.e. visit our web site, call us today, etc.

get the branding right

Use existing logos and marketing themes to create your Facebook page images. These images should be sized to fit the designated positions.

  • Profile pictures should a logo sized 180px by 180px.
  • Cover photos can be contact details, details of a promotion, a call to action. Keep it brief and mainly visual. Cover photos are sized 851px by 315px.

Further info can be found at this very helpful Facebook page

create engaging content

The aim of your Facebook content is to engage, inform and invite. Every post you write should perform one or more of these three tasks.

  • Engage – All posts should invite a reaction from your visitors. Using images to attract their attention and ask open ended questions.
  • Inform – Share your love for your business, promote your products and services, introduce your staff and premises. Add your personality and give your business a friendly, positive persona.
  • Invite – The use of a call to action gives each post a purpose. Using phrases like “Tell us what you think…”, “Call us for more details…” and “Buy yours now from our web site…” guides your visitor to do what you want them to do.

add value

Facebook is a great place to reward your customers. Offering promo codes, creating “Like & Share” competitions or simply shouting about any offers you are running will always attract your customer’s attention. If your offer is a good one, they’ll shout about it too.

Promos create word of mouth advertising targeted upon your Liker’s friends. Giving stuff away suddenly becomes profitable.

If you need help to set up and run a successful Facebook campaign, please Contact Us today.


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