Each time we visit a school to discuss a new or updated website, we are told the reason they need a website is to comply with certain criteria of an OFSTED inspection. When we first started creating web sites for schools in Bolton, we had no idea what this meant; shockingly, neither did the schools.

Over the last few years we have gained a working understanding of The School Information Regulations. This is the legislation that states what must be displayed on a school website. It is clear, concise and there isn’t much to it. Legally, this is all that you must display.

School Website Checklist DownloadUnfortunately, this isn’t enough to keep an OFSTED inspector happy. So, we’ve put together an audit/checklist that brings together our experiences of building and maintaining web sites for schools in Bolton and beyond.

We have used the statutory regulations, feedback from inspections of our own schools and information from other schools and LAs around the country to create the School Website Audit/Checklist. Click the link or the PDF download image to open in a new window.

Feel free to print, use and share this tool.

We’d love to hear your feedback or suggestions for future updates below.

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