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why your business needs google+

Many of the new customers I meet are aware of Google+, yet they do not understand how it works or the benefits of using it. Allow us to explain…

responsive web sites explained

In everything that I write about Heppiness built web sites, you’ll find the words “responsive” and “device friendly”, but what does this mean?

We’ve moved web host

After 5 years with the same web host, I finally became tired of the restrictions my site was having placed on it. We moved today with some promising results.

WordPress 3.7 with automatic security updates

So, the weekend is over and you’ve sat down to write your blog article for your business and Wordpress is telling you to update to Version 3.7. What does this update mean to Wordpress users and should you update your web site to 3.7?

Google Adwords £750 Giveaway

I have a 10 promo cards that turn a £25 deposit into an Adwords account into £100, tweet us @HeppinessBolton using #google and I’ll reply with a promo code.

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