After 5 years with the same web host, I finally became tired of the restrictions my site was having placed on it. Page load times were suffering and therefore user experience.

Web Hosting TsohostOver the last 24 hours we have moved our web site to a new host. After some thorough research and comparison, I settled on Tsohost. There reviews were good, their specs are good and they offer a 60 day money back guarantee if you try them out and they fail to deliver.

Initial impressions are very good indeed. The set up of an account, purchasing of hosting and set up of domains was quick and easy. There is an option to let migrate your web site through Tsohost, but I decided to do it myself and have a spring clean whilst I was at it. With the transfer of files and database complete, I went to bed with the hope that DNS changes would come into effect overnight.

My hopes were answered, by morning was being hosted from it’s new home.┬áMy initial test was to check the website speed using Pingdom and the PageSpeed score with Google. Whilst they were improved, the initial results were a disappointment.

After a few hours of optimising, minifying and compressing. We have some very promising results. Google PageSpeed scores improved from 53 on mobile and 64 on desktop to 70 and 87 respectively. Load times at Pingdom fell from 4.2secs to 1.1sec and is now 87% faster than all sites tested.

Whilst there is more to do to reduce these times and improve the user experience, especially on mobile, I’m more than happy with my new host and the improvements achieved in speed.

I’ll keep you updated on my experiences with Tsohost and the improvements we make to our user experience.

If any of my existing customers or any WordPress site owners wish to join me in the move to Tsohost, please contact me.




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