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dynamic CMS website design

A Dynamic CMS Website is a living, breathing extension of your business or organisation. Built on the fabulous WordPress platform, they allow the site owner add articles, reviews, portfolios, etc. and interact with your customers. They can be fully integrated with booking systems, event management, real estate systems, magazines and more to make your day to day admin a doddle.

The admin is simple and requires no knowledge of coding, browser language or web design. If you can use MS Word you can use WordPress. We’ll show you how in just 1 lesson, then be around to support you whenever you need us.

Dynamic CMS websites are perfect for businesses who need to change their content regularly, those who love to shout about their business and those who need a website that performs for their business.


dynamic websites

Our Dynamic CMS Websites are built on the amazing WordPress software. They are easy to update and manage, and provide a living, breathing extension of your business.

They are fast, search engine friendly, beautifully designed and responsive.


With over 42,000 plugins available from WordPress and countless other from Premium developers, there is always one available to perform the tasks your business needs.

Bookings, event management, car sales, estate agents, CRMs. We can bring them all to life in your Dynamic Website.


Google loves a quick website.

We use superior caching, minifying and compressing techniques to make our Simple Websites fast and to reduce the load on your server.

search engine friendly

We use the same techniques across all of our websites to make sure that search engines can access, read and index your website for your chosen search terms.


All of our websites are built on a responsive layout.

Whatever device, screen size or resolution. Our Simple Websites look and work fantastically. Try adjusting your browser window size to see how this page responds.

beautiful design

Our dynamic website designs are always built with the user experience as a priority. They always ensure that your customers get a great first impression of you and your business.

all of our websites are responsive and look beautiful on all devices

Responsive Web Design Bolton

All Heppiness web designs are fully responsive. A responsive web site measures the screen resolution of the device used to view it and responds according to the rules set by the web site designer.

This means that whether the visitor is viewing your site using a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone; the web site’s information is clearly visible, easily navigated and fully functional.

do you need some help?

Starting a social media campaign can be a bit daunting. It’s much easier when you have someone who knows what they are doing on your side. Send us a quick message below and we’ll get back to you.

Alternatively, call Matthew on 0771 227 6607 for a chat.

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